I specialize in sculptural techniques, specifically the “lost wax” technique and seamless construction

As a creator, I have developed an intuitive method of creation, which means that no prior design is
made, but the creation is born from the intention and challenge of direct experience with the

My trajectory has been one of research into material and form, which has led me to experiment with
pure precious metals and special alloys… I have also developed different wax formulas for
modeling and sculpting, seeking to differentiate between what was soft and what was hard in the
original body of the final metal piece, as occurs in fossils.

I have 13 years of experience in my workshop-foundry, where I create unique pieces in precious

I do the whole process:

• Preparation of the different types of waxes.

• Elaboration of sculptures.

• Preparation of precious metal alloys: young gold, red gold, green gold, white gold, pure silver, silver-palladium, etc.

• Lost wax casting process.

• And finally, the manufacture of jewelry and small goldsmith’s items (small objects).

And by having total control over the process of making the piece, I have the possibility to
experiment freely in each of its parts.

This has led me to develop a style that is ultimately reflected in a totally unique piece.

All my pieces are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.