“Principio de igualdad”
de Elicura Chihuailaf

Somos uno más en la Tierra
y en el Universo
ni más ni menos que las aves
los animales, los hongos
los lagos, los insectos
Ni más ni menos que los peces
las plantas, las piedras
las flores, los planetas
A soñar y a mirarnos hemos
venido. A escucharnos
A comprender la luz del rayo
y la oscuridad de las hormigas
Para abrazarnos hemos venido
A contemplar la Tierra
y a defenderla hemos venido
Semilla de Agua es nuestro
Brizna de la memoria
nuestro respirar.

My name is Sol Billeke (San Fernando de Chile 1979), I am an artisan jeweler and founder of precious metals, after studying Fine Arts in the University of Chile and Photography, I started in 2007 my path with fire, giving birth to my workshop.
My specialty is the creation of unique pieces in precious metal using the lost wax technique and the old techniques without welding.
The Atelier Sol Billeke is a space of creation in precious metal, of freedom and experimentation where the elements are found.
Fire is the essence of my work, it is what allows me to transform the metal into a unique piece and to insert a specific message.
The sea is an omnipresent element.
As a creator, I have developed an intuitive method of creation, which means that no sketches are made beforehand, but rather creation is born from the challenge and direct experience with the material, seeking to understand it.
My trajectory has been one of research into material and form, which has led me to experiment with pure precious metals and special alloys.
I am primarily self-taught, my guides in this apprenticeship have been the elements, silver and fire, my ancestral information and the goldsmiths and craftsmen who have shared their knowledge with me.
In the first years of my studio, I created a space in which only women, assistants and students participated, a laboratory of feminine energy, an experience from which emerged an infinite love for the Earth, our planet, a love that nourishes each of my pieces.
The inspiration for my pieces comes from admiring the infinite beauty of this planet, observing the landscape, the animals, the sea bed, the mollusks, the bark, the mushrooms, the rocks and the textures formed by organic and geometric patterns.
It has also had a profound influence on my work, having been in direct contact with pieces of master goldsmiths from the indigenous peoples of America, pre-Columbian pieces from the Ecuador-Colombia and Costa Rica region, as well as Mapuche silver pieces (indigenous people of southern Chile and Argentina).
These pieces carry sacred messages that seek to connect the earthly world to the divine.

My studio has been in Valparaiso-Chile for several years and is currently located in Brittany-